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2023 Statewide Needs Assessment

Community Action Agencies recently conducted a statewide community needs assessment in conjunction with North Dakota State University and the North Dakota Department of Commerce, Division of Community Services. This survey is open until June 30, 2023 should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and your feedback helps us design programming based on the assessment of needs, currently available services, and locally available public and private resources. Please click below to take the New 2023 Survey 

2020 Statewide Needs Assessment

We are excited to share the 2020 results!  Each of the eight regions in North Dakota have comprehensive results that showcase the needs in their specific geographic region related to employment, income and asset-building, education, housing, health and social/behavior development, civic engagement and other supports. 

Needs Assessment Results

Top Needs Identified by People Experiencing Poverty Across North Dakota

Category Need
Housing Rental Assistance
Income Financial Issues
Employment Finding a job
Health Dental Insurance/Affordable Dental Care
Education Cost

Why a Needs Assessment?

At Community Action, we continually conduct needs assessments across North Dakota because our Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program supports community-based, anti-poverty programs. Local Community Action agencies receive funding from CSBG to develop local action plans based on assessment of needs, currently available services and locally available public and private resources. Action plans target one or more of three main themes: 1) Individuals and families with low incomes are stable and achieve economic security; 2) Communities where people with low incomes live are healthy and offer economic opportunity; and 3) People with low incomes are engaged and active in building opportunities in communities. 

Thank you to the Consensus Council for providing funding for this important needs assessment! 

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