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CAP VII, Inc. Educates & Empowers People Today To Improve Their Lives Tomorrow

Keys to Innervisions

Keys to Innervisions is a program that

empowers individuals to bring about

positive change in their lives. The program is directed at adolescents and assisting them in improving life/social/decision making skills.


Keys curriculum covers a variety of topics which include:


u         Habits, attitudes, beliefs, and comfort zones

u         Alcohol and tobacco use and chemical dependency

u         Media influences, family and codependency

u         Roles, goal setting, self-talk, affirmations

u         Handling anger and emotions in a safe way

u         Being successful in school and learning

u         Making changes and goal achievement

u         Feeling confident and taking on new, safe ways to have fun



The program consists of 6 sessions spread out over a 2 week period. All topics are included in skill building units that are

incorporated into a workbook that the

participants receive. There will also be a variety of activities to get the youth involved in the training.